What is CarboSix

Before illustrating the reasons why you should choose CarboSix carbon fibre profiles, it is useful to know what CarboSix actually is and the technique we use to produce our structural profiles and tubing.

How are our CarboSix profiles made?

By PULTRUSION: continuous process for carbon fibre profile production in which the fibres are pulled through a resin bath and then through a die at a controlled temperature, where the polymerization takes place.

How is our CarboSix tubing made?

By PULLWINDING: pultrusion with fibres wound before passing through the die. Layers of long fibres placed in a variable orientation with respect to the profile’s longitudinal axis. Increase of the torsional mechanical properties.

A technique very different from Wrapping!

With Wrapping, the material is wound around a tubular die and the fibres have an orthogonal design. The lengths that can be obtained with this technique are limited due to the autoclave. In addition, only very basic profiles can be achieved and this is a disadvantage in terms of production costs and mechanical properties.

Where does CarboSix offer unbeatable advantages?

  • Automation and Robotics (e.g. grippers) [lightness/strength ratio, installed like aluminium but with the advantages of carbon]
  • High-performance structures
  • Wherever very low bending is required (e.g. test benches)
  • Wherever structural lightness is required
  • Metrology [low bending, zero thermal expansion]
  • General application, such as packaging and special machinery
  • Handling and Transport (e.g. roller conveyors, because of the extremely low inertia to rotation, or the rollers in large-size belt conveyors)
  • Wherever high acceleration and low inertia is required

Why is CarboSix unique?

It is the world’s only modular profile in carbon fibre!

  • You use it like aluminium.
  • Structural modularity of aluminium and same processing, from cutting to perforation.
  • Accessories like aluminium and identical installation and fastening systems.
  • High dimensional precision (narrow tolerance range).
  • Certified mechanical properties.
  • In stock in 6-metre bars
  • All the advantages of aluminium

  • All the advantages of carbon

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